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December 28, 2013)

I always wanted to be a tree... how lucky me to incidentally have the same name with my favorite...


August 10, 2013

the wasted time it's actually the only time that is worth  existing. 


March 5, 2014)

I love the way children behave any_way / every_way. They fall on the floor, from the stairs, off the swing, when walking but they always put their hands in front and stand up on their own feet again. Everytime. Without any purpose.

Only for the joy of standing, walking, running, swinging.


 August, 2, 2017

Should smile. Smile from ear to ear.
Say thank you, Say goodmorning.
Walk. Run. Jumb.
Make steps forward. 
Should forgive. Should remember. Should forget.
Love, hear, cry,

paper boat

 August 1, 2013)

I do not own any collection. I do not collect anything. Yes, I do have many book's and many cd's and many shoes but only because they help me travel.


April 12 2014)

Desert is not a place full of sand. That is just a point on the map. Desert is the place where you cannot see your beloved ones.


Thursday May 16, 2013

Happiness is to play marbles with you nephew without wanting to win his marbles or him wanting to win yours

play glass balls

january 25, 2018

there is a certain enchantment caused by the Grimm fairytail "Snow white and the seven dwarfs".  But being a queen who is chasing snow whites all day after a certan age, is lack of respect for yourself and crashing boring.


 (August, 30, 2013)

I love the uselessness to which children built on the sand. Shoots every sense of vanity of an adult creativity.

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